“I’ve been going to Chava regularly for over 3 years. Not only is she very professional and really understands what I’m going through and what’s bothering me, but she also is very pleasant and easy to consult with. She’s very generous with her time and in 45 minutes I can have also acupuncture, reflexology and a back massage! I know that much of my well-being depends on my regular visits to Chava’s clinic. Highly recommended!”
− Mechi Fendel

״As a practitioner of Chinese medicine myself, I can say that what I get from Havva is a professional, personal and precise treatment. Highly recommended!״
– Oshrat Zohar

״Dear Havva, I came to your clinic with unbearable pain in my shoulders and you quite simply saved me…. I left like a new person after your dedicated and professional treatment for which I thank you״
− Elisheva Cohen

״Thank you so much, you really helped my back. After your treatments I was able to walk without pain. This is the first time an attack passed without a steroid shot. I’d recommend this treatment to everyone. 100%. I have been getting treatments for years and I know what I’m saying! Anyone who has doubts can call me״
− Natalia Amirov

״Havva is a devoted practitioner, charming, pleasent and very professional. Number 1! I highly recommend her״
– Hagit Melech

״Havva is wonderful, she does treatments with her whole heart! She’s just great!״
− Lola Uziel

״Havva is very professional and amazing!!! I warmly recommend her touch!!!״
− Dorit Azran

״She shares her internal peace with the patient. A dedicated, quality, comprehensive treatment.״
– Lital Ternovski

״Havva is a great practitioner! Devoted and professional! Highly recommended!״
– Lee Ben Abu

״The treatments are excellent, relieving pain or stress, whatever is needed. Thank you very much, Havva״
− Hilla Galili

“Havva is a brilliant practitioner. She fixed my leg problems, my son’s growth issues, my daughter’s chronic cough… the list goes on. My kids argue over who gets to be treated first, each one wanting the honour!”
− Malkie Rozenberg-Swidler