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I’m Havva Mahler, a Chinese Medicine practitioner and health coach specializing in treatment for physical pain, and helping clients reconnect to themselves, uncover their true desires, and identify roadblocks in their path to better health and quality of life.

My life’s passion has been to heal and help people who are in pain. It is so important to me to honor others’ true pain points and begin the process of healing through techniques that have been proven to work for thousands of years. I am beyond fulfilled when I see that a patient is no longer in pain and has relief and joy on their face. The best feeling comes when I get to see someone have a fresh start, a new beginning, and the energy to move forward beyond the pain.

I’ve spent the last 13 years studying Chinese Medicine and natural healing techniques, both in Israel and in China. I now work to bring my healing services to my local community in Be’er Sheva and beyond through virtual holistic health coaching and purpose coaching.

I opened my clinic in Sderot in 2012 and Be’er Sheva in 2018 where I have treated hundreds of patients using healing techniques that best serve their needs and give them the results they are looking for. My primary approach to treatment techniques are Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine,Tuina, Reflexology and Massage, but I also integrate Sotai, Moxibustion, health coaching, and lifestyle counseling.

When I’m not working in my clinic, I am hanging out with my cat, Matty, a fierce warrior kitty who I found in my yard and nursed back to health from total blindness as a kitten. Matty now rules the house with an iron paw. I also love learning about personal development and all aspects of health, spending time with friends, taking part in community activities, and using the app Zombies Run to motivate my own health and exercise.

My Story

I grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, and made aliya at the age of 18. I served as a librarian in the Israeli Navy, and afterwards studied Chinese Medicine in Tel Aviv and China. I lived in Sderot for 6 years, and moved to Be’er Sheva in 2018.

After my mother was disabled with a neurological disease, I saw firsthand how much acupuncture and reflexology helped her manage her pain. This inspired me to want to learn the same healing techniques that helped my mother so much.

I studied Chinese Medicine in Israel and had the opportunity to spend three months in China witnessing how these ancient healing techniques and holistic medicines are readily used and integrated in all aspects of life. One of my fondest memories from my time in China was seeing a patient prescribed with a specific recipe for chicken soup, filling this prescription at a local restaurant rather than a pharmacy.

When I returned to Israel, I knew there was a great need for healing and help in the periphery of the country, so I opened my first clinic in Sderot to help patients suffering from the physical and emotional effects of trauma and be located where they could have easy access to these types of treatments.

My Experience

Professional Experience:

2018-Today: My private clinic in Be’er Sheva, where I treat patents and offer consultations in a beautiful clinic in the Old City of Be’er Sheva.

2012-2021: My private clinic in Sderot, where I have treated hundreds of patients with personalized treatments blending Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tuina, Reflexology and lifestyle counseling.

2013-2018: Emuna Family Counseling Centre in Sderot – providing individual complementary medicine treatments to the women of Sderot, and managing the Healing Circle group acupuncture treatments for post-trauma.

2017-2020: Maccabi Tivi clinics in Sderot, Dimona and Be’er Sheva doing acupuncture in a multi-bed community-clinic style setting.

In addition I have volunteered for a number of years with two nonprofit organizations:

Hands of Light – Practitioners for the Community, providing free private in-home treatments to sufferers of ALS and other terminal diseases.

Acupuncturists Without Borders – Israel, doing group acupuncture treatments for post trauma, chronic stress and pain management in Sderot, Beer Sheva and Otniel. As part of my work with AWB I initiated and ran the group acupuncture treatment at the Municipal Center for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Drug Addiction in Be’er Sheva. I currently serve on the advisory board of the Israeli branch of Acupuncturists Without Borders.

Professional Training:

2008-2012: A 4-year program in Chinese Medicine at East West School of Chinese Medicine in Israel, earning certification in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutrition, Tuina, Medical Massage and Prenatal Massage.

2012: A 1 year program in the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches system of Chinese Astrology.

2012: A Clinical Course in Acupuncture and Tuina at Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital in Hunan, China.

2013: Certification as a Professional Sotai Therapist at the Israeli Sotai Center.

2014: Field Training in use of Acupuncture to treat acute trauma and post traumatic stress with Acupuncturists Without Borders – Israel.

2015-2016: Certification in Reflexology from Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

2017: Postgraduate Course in Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy and Childbirth with Anat Tzachar and Miriam Raich.

2017-2018: Postgraduate Course in Integrative Neurological Acupuncture with Ofir Priman.

2018: Postgraduate Course in Psycho-Emotional Personality Characteristics In Chinese Medicine with Aeyal Matsri-Doron.

2018: Postgraduate Course in Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture with David Bomzon.

Additional Works:

Podcast guest on Everyday Acupuncture, “Using Acupuncture in Conflict Zones”,  where we discussed my work with Acupuncturists Without Borders in Israel, the effect of living in conflict zones on the body, and how we can help treat such traumas and stress.

Article published in Sinit, Israel’s foremost website for practitioners of Chinese Medicine. Written alongside two colleagues, we described our experiences working with acupuncture in Sderot during Operation Protective Edge.


I love connecting with my patients and readers through my blog, where I share about health and Chinese Medicine, lifestyle advice and healthy self-care, the occasional anecdote from life and the clinic, and answer and address some of the most frequently asked questions.

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